Dev Otaku Patreon now Live!

We are excited to announce that we have launched our Dev Otaku Patreon page. 



Patreon is a crowdfunding site that allows us to receive payment for the work that we are doing to make Dev Otaku a reality. 

This isn't a job for us

We mentioned this in our episode zero, but Jamie, Keheira and I (Jay) don't do this to as our job. In fact, we are students or hold down full time jobs (not to mention we all have other side hustles including this). When we gathered to do this, we stated "This isn't to make money! This is to allow us to relax and do something that we enjoy with a bit of regularity and spend time with one another as we all live in different areas in the WORLD.

Since this isn't our job, that means that the costs to run Dev Otaku come directly out of our time and wallets. We share the editing responsibilities for the podcast and we pay all of the operating costs and receive from it.

We aren't looking to get rich off of Otaku Culture. We would just like some help covering the operating costs of the show. Once those costs are covered we would like to explore more into otaku and the Dev Otaku community. This is why our first goal is $25 a month and the reward for reaching that goal is a shiny new Facebook Group (Unless you want to manage one for us then you can definitely do that! 😄)


There are many things we WANT to do

Regular blog posts. More frequent episodes. Live Q&A shows. Make some social media accounts.  These are all things that we would like to do. Before we invest more time and money into this, we need to be sure that we are not falling on deaf ears and that we are not doing more than we can handle with our FUN project. 

If you choose to support us with $1 (or more) dollar a month, it shows that you are interested in seeing this thought grow. 

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